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 Building A  Better YOU ACADEMY 


SR runs several groups focusing on various topics geared at "Building A Better YOU!"
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SR provides a site based service to facilitate contact between children in out of home care and their biological parents, relatives, siblings and/or significant others. SR is an ABH credentialed agency.
Our clinical staff provides comprehensive assessment to determine the individuals’ strength, limitations and functional capacity to individuals who have mental health and/or substance abuse issues. Clinical assessments will identify natural supports, individualized plans and recommendations. 
Our experienced Psychotherapists work with clients using the CBT and  Solution Focused Therapy model. Both models are a short term therapeutic model that is most effective in working with clients who have mildly acute therapeutic issues. Our Psychotherapist's mission is to work effectively with individuals to produce goal oriented service to our clients.
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Our staff provide a combination of structured and enrichment activities to adolescents/young adults who are exhibiting challenging behaviors. Our staff is  equipped to provide Life Skills to identified youths to transition them from adolescent to adulthood. SR is an ABH credentialed agency.

 Family Preservation 


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Adult Life Skills- This 12 week In Home service is a 1 to 1 service designed to focus on an individuals area of social vulnerabilities. We provide weekly curriculum based life skills education to empower the individual in strengthening and developing those identified areas of improvement (I.E. Budgeting,Self Care, Disciplining, Home Management ) 

Family First- This weekly In Home service focuses on working along with Parents or Caretakers and children who:

~May be at risk of removal from the family unit
~Children who are out of care with the plan to reunify with the family of origin

The objective of this service is to focus on enhancing coping strategies and relationship building to foster a safe, harmonious and nurturing environment to preserve the family unit.
B.A.B.Y. Academy has various workshops that are offered on site and/or off site. Let us know how we can assist you in "Building A Better YOU!"